How Can 20 Minutes a Day Impact Your Life?
Be Fit and Fierce℠ is a kick-butt online fitness membership for busy everyday women that’s full of fast and fun and easy-to-do 20-minute workouts, delicious meal ideas, fierce motivation, and sisterly support to discover your strength and have faith to never give up! 

SPECIAL: 8 Week Power Series 

Imagine your name at the top of the priority list... 
You've been putting your needs on the back burner for MONTHS or longer, focusing on everyone else's needs and wants before your own. You're always in Mom-mode, Wife-mode, Work-mode, but you're NEVER in You-mode.

And when you do get a few moments to yourself, you feel guilty, selfish, and like you're falling behind.

You’re ready to make a few changes, and it starts with getting healthy. You’ve GOT to get energized because you’re barely keeping up with your crazy life. You’re needing some serious self-care to de-stress and you’re ready to have it all. 
But finding the time to go to the gym is practically impossible, and let’s face it, sweating it out on an elliptical machine while staring up at muted cable news kind of sucks.  
Planning healthy meals sounds amazing but getting started feels overwhelming and time-consuming. 
You’ve tried to reboot your life, without people who have your back, so of course - it’s easy to fall back into old routines of cereal for dinner and skipping a workout. 
You want to get fit, but you aren’t sure if you can fit in 
I’ve got the solution for you:
 Join me and an incredible community of women who are 
Fit and Fierce℠.
We are brilliant, strong, kick-butt women. We come from all walks of life, whether we are family-focused, career-driven, or blending both worlds, but we all have a few things in common:
We. Are. Busy.
We deserve to take care of ourselves. 
We know that when women support each other, 
we’re unstoppable.
I know you’re stressed, tired, and not feeling awesome about your body.
I’ve got the plan that is guaranteed to work.
Join me for Fit and Fierce℠ 
an online fitness membership that provides you with fun workouts, daily tips, mindset coaching, a community of incredible women supporting you, plus great recipes, grocery lists, and meal ideas to help you get back to being your best in ALL areas of your life!
Ready to get moving with our included YOGA series and LITE version, complete with modifications for every woman and lifestyle?
Join for just $49/month*!
Ready to commit to a year of Fitness and Fierceness?
Get your one-year membership for just $399!
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What Does It Mean to Be Fit & Fierce?
Fit means setting a goal and pushing yourself farther than you ever thought POSSIBLE. It’s that feeling of being energized all day, jogging up the stairs without getting winded, chasing after your kids, or showing off your toned arms in your favorite tank top!

Fit means feeling confident in how you look and how you FEEL!
Fierce means discovering that strength within you to KEEP pushing, even on those days where you barely have time to breathe. It’s the feeling of KNOWING that you CAN meet those goals that you set, that you ARE strong enough and being aware of your amazing abilities!

Fierce means you are a confident woman of strength on the inside and out!
To Be Fit, Fierce & UNSTOPPABLE means: 
Knowing how to walk in your own power 

Being fearless and live your purpose as you go through your day

Developing the mindset of a champion

Showing up for YOURSELF!
To stop burning yourself out and refusing to miss out on your best life
You’re ready for an upgrade! You’re dreaming of…
  • ​Making your fitness and health a priority so you have energy to keep up with kids, work, and home! 
  • ​Ditching the stress and feeling some positive vibes in your life!
  • ​Fitting into your favorite jeans and going clothes shopping with confidence!
  • ​Feeling confident in who you are, knowing you are a woman of strength!
  • ​Nourishing yourself and your family with healthy, tasty food that is quick and easy to fix!
  • ​Taking time a few days a week to do something for yourself and having time to just breathe!
And really, you just want to feel comfortable in your own body! The only problem is you...
  • ​Have ZERO extra time to go to the gym! 
  • ​ Are staring at a mile-long to-do list and feel like you’re barely keeping up as it is! 
  • ​Don't want to dig around on YouTube looking for workout videos! 
  • ​Don’t have time to meal plan, spend forever at the grocery store looking for specific, hard-to-find ingredients, and DEFINITELY don’t have time to cook big meals!
  • ​Feel completely out of shape and haven’t exercised in FOREVER!
  • ​Hate dieting! You don’t want to count calories, restrict what you eat, or have to worry about following strict guidelines!
  • ​Aren’t sure you can stick with getting fit or feel overwhelmed making big changes in your life!
  • ​Don't want to feel along on your journey to get healthy and fit!
  • ​Need some support to keep you motivated!
Girlfriend, let me tell you - I GET IT. 
My first step was to take care of myself.
I am here to help you. I’m Jill Allen, and I am here to make sure that you can live your best life, discovering how to be fiercely fit and have fierce faith. I am a wife to Rob for the past 19 years, a mom to 5 awesome kids, owner of multiple successful businesses, and I truly love to help other driven women realize they too can have all those things without driving yourself crazy trying to achieve it.

It took me a LONG time to reach my own fierce, and honestly, some days I still have to reach deep to find it. I spent years wearing myself thin and burning myself out, all in the name of “having it all.” 

I craved an abundant life - being the rockstar mom, the sexy wife, the success-driven powerhouse, AND loving myself, too. But on this quest, I was FAR from living an abundant life because I was pushing myself SO hard every day to try and have it all. 

I was exhausted, overwhelmed and breaking down from the stress of working 90 hour weeks while still trying to be the perfect wife and mom. Quality time was non-existent, and forget self-care. If I did take a few minutes for myself, I felt guilty and selfish. 

That constant weight on my shoulders wasn’t making me strong, it was wearing me down. I didn’t have faith in myself that I could keep up, and I realized that time was slipping by and my joy was slipping away with it. 

My first step was to take care of myself. Can’t pour from an empty cup, right? Working out a few times a week, pushing myself, seeing the changes helped me find my faith in myself and prove to myself that I’m STRONG. Not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and in my heart!

Every woman has the power to be the best version of herself, and in order to discover it, she has to have that fierce faith in who she is
But your biggest roadblock to getting fit and feeling great is you are BUSY and need the accountability to keep you sticking to your program from women who GET what it’s like to juggle a crazy-busy life! 
That’s what led me to create Fit and Fierce℠ because I know women - moms, mompreneurs, working women - we don’t have time for the gym, we don’t have time for counting calories, and we don’t have time to go to the spa and treat ourselves! 
But we do have 20 minutes a day, and that’s all it takes to Be Fit and Fierce. 
Instead of having to join a gym or dedicate tons of hours each week to fitness, you can see results in 3-4 20-minute workouts a week

But the second part to working out is the support and accountability factor. When you’re trying to go it alone, go from never working out to a full-on workout program, and you don’t have any kind of support - it’s almost impossible to keep going. 

Something will side track you, you’ll hit a roadblock, and next thing you know, you’ve given up completely
And let’s be real, sometimes we just don’t believe in ourselves enough that we can do this. 
Trying to go it alone makes it that much harder because we don’t have someone in our corner saying, “Hey, you DESERVE to feel healthy and strong,” or “Girl, you got this! If you can balance kids, work, and home, this workout is nothing!” 

So, in addition to the workouts, I created a community for any woman who was ready to Be Fit & Fierce get the support and motivation she needs. You’ve got a question, you’ve hit a plateau, or just feeling burned out? You’ve got your tribe at your back guiding you through obstacles, helping you push through and not give up. 
Fit & Fierce℠ is a place for all women who get their energy and confidence back but don’t have time to figure out where to start. 

Because it’s not just about getting FIT & FIERCE, it’s about having FIERCE FAITH - in yourself, in your strength, in what you can do, and knowing that you have this core inside of you that can push through your obstacles and discover your success. 
Join Fit and Fierce℠ and when you devote 20 minutes a day, three-four days a week, you’ll see some HUGE changes! 
Whether you’re far along in your fitness journey, you’ve gotten away from it, or you’re an absolute beginner, you can Be Fit and Fierce!
  • Fit Your Workout in Anywhere:  exercise is AMAZING for stress-release so let’s bring some good vibes back into your life!
  • Tap into MORE energy: as you get fit and eat the suggested meals and snacks, your body may kick up its metabolism, giving you energy to tackle the day without feeling like you’re going to crash from exhaustion!
  • Possibly lose weight and inches off your waist, legs, arms, hips, and more: these quick workouts give maximum fat burning abilities, replacing fat with lean muscle tone and dropping inches in no time!
  • Tons of confidence: It’s more than just losing weight or inches, it’s knowing you’re putting in hard work, sticking to it, and seeing results! When you look and feel awesome, you’re unstoppable! 
  • Discover your strength: When you’re pushing past your limits, you’re reaching deep within you to discover not just physical strength, you’re tapping into your inner strength!
  • Show up for yourself: Knowing that you are WORTH this will carry over through every part of your life, from work to home and everywhere in between. You know your worth and you won’t put up with anything beyond your best life!
  • FEEL AMAZING: Combine confidence, losing the excess weight, toning up, taking care of yourself, ditching the stress, AND having tons of energy and what’s the result? You’re going to look AMAZING! 
Ready to get moving with our included YOGA series and LITE version, complete with modifications for every woman and lifestyle?
Join for just $49/month*!
Ready to commit to a year of Fitness and Fierceness?
Get your one-year membership for just $399!
SPECIAL: Get 8 Weeks of Summer Power $75
So how are you going to Be Fit and Fierce and become Unstoppable?
It's WAYYYYY easier than you may think!
  • 20-minute workouts, 3-4 days a week (You get access to ALLLLL my maximum fat-burning, super-fun workouts!)
  •  All the YOGA series, LITE and the full, traditional versions to meet you where you are - including LITE modifications to our core foundational training videos to make any workout possible for you.
  •  Eat what you love (Steal my favorite recipes and meal templates to make shopping, cooking, and eating SO EASY!)
  • Meet other INCREDIBLE women (Access the VIP Facebook group with an entire community of supportive, driven, brilliant women all looking to make a change in their life!)
Plus, you'll have access to:
  • ​Weekly coaching to keep you moving in the right direction and leaping those obstacles!
  •  Monthly Giveaways
  •  LIVE group chats where you can ask me questions or voice concerns or difficulties in a safe, supportive place 
  •  Guest trainers offering their expertise
  •  150+ fast, fun workouts PLUS two-three new workouts each week!
  • ​ Mindfulness stretching through the YOGA series
  •  Delicious, healthy, EASY recipes and meal planning templates!
  •  Fun weekly challenges like Belly Fat Buster and Sexy Shapely Shoulders to help keep you motivated and moving!
NEW! Now including YOGA with Lori!
Fit & Fierce Yoga Series
I’ll be bringing in a yoga expert of 10+ years, and friend of mine, Lori Allen! Lori will be giving us a variety of Yoga series that you will have access to as soon as you get started!

After struggling with a painful knee injury, getting back into the fitness world was tough. Lori is a talented runner, a retired coach and teacher, she remained determined to continue living an active lifestyle. Yoga gave her back the strength, stamina, and stability that she had before her injury...and then some.

If stiff, sore, uncomfortable joints and muscles prevent you from wanting to run or try other physical activity, Yogafit might be the key that opens up that door for you! 
NEW! Now including the LITE Edition of Fit & Fierce!
What is the LITE version?
The LITE version is PERFECT for the women who feels like the full, traditional version is too much or too soon. It includes core foundational workouts with modifications to make getting fit super easy even if you're just starting out, have 20+ lbs. to lose, or feel limited by circumstance. Or...maybe you just prefer the LITE version because it feels doable for you -- that's totally ok too! Being Fit & Fierce is about getting healthier, stronger, feeling good, and becoming the best version of ourselves.
When You Commit To Surround Yourself With Women Who Are On The Same Mission...You’ll Find the Faith, Confidence, and Strength Within You!
"Jill Allen knows what she’s talking about! The picture on the left is December 2017 and the right is September 2018! Not sure on the numbers but I can definitely feel and see results! Commit 20 minutes per day to yourself, that’s all it takes!"
Maggie, Fit & Fierce Member
"I’m so glad I finally have consistency again. Workouts are huge for me mentally. Thank you so much. I feel like I’m finally getting back into a routine and on track to keep it up. I had no energy. The last three weeks, I feel like a new person. I was really struggling, but now I feel strong again."
Angela, Fit & Fierce Member
"I hate and love this picture at the same time. I hate that I had to buy these because literally nothing else I had fit, I sat in the changing room of the store with these pants and knew something needed to change. While I generally dislike pictures of myself I love that I can look at this and know how far I have come and see all the hard work has paid off. Two legs can now fit into one pant leg. I got rid of everything piece of clothing from this point in my life except these pants. I keep them as a reminder that I will never go back to that unhealthy state again."
Jess, Fit & Fierce Member
"My fitness journey started with Jill in 2010. Here is a different before & after pictures for the goals she has helped me reach! I was 22 yrs old and now soon to be 62. Jill's motivation, training and great ladies with the same mind set has been a game-changer! Its Hard, Fun, & Challenging! I love the feeling of being healthy, strong, & having muscles! I want to encourage you ladies to remember that girl in you at her best and chase her......stay Close to her!"
Cheryl, Fit & Fierce Member
Ready to get moving with our included YOGA series and LITE version, complete with modifications for every woman and lifestyle?
Join for just $49/month*!
Ready to commit to a year of Fitness and Fierceness?
Get your one-year membership for just $399!
SPECIAL: Get 8 Weeks of Summer Power $75
As soon as you join, you’ll receive access to everything we have! 
  • ALL the past workouts so you can do what you love!
  •  A foundational LITE level to help you get started with a fitness routine, even if you’re over 40, have over 20 pounds of extra weight to lose, or are struggling with a past injury or limitation.
  • ​ALL the Yoga sessions and the recovery series!
  •  Suggested meals and shopping lists to make meal planning and cooking a snap!
  • Access to our incredible community!
Bonus: Fit & Fierce℠ Tee!!!
Get FIT and say it loud and proud with our FREE Members t-shirt! When you sign up you’ll get one of our sassy t-shirts and a personal welcome letter from me to you! This t-shirt is perfect for staying cool and comfy during planks, burpees, and crunches! You’ll feel inspired every time you put it on to move beyond FIT and FIERCE and become UNSTOPPABLE.
I know there are TONS of fitness programs and workout channels out there, so why choose to Be Fit and Fierce?
Let Me Get Real With You - I get it
I’m a mom of five, I run my own business - I KNOW what busy looks like and I know what it feels like to keep putting everyone else’s needs before your own! 

I created this group SPECIFICALLY for you and other crazy-busy moms and career women who need the support and faith from others to find that strength within yourself. I made workouts that get you maximum impact in minimal time that you can do just about anywhere. I've tailored core workouts to be possible and accessible for women of all shapes, stages and sizes.
Most importantly, this isn’t just about exercise! 
Ditch the diet and enjoy common sense meals and pre-made shopping lists that save you time and make it easy to eat the healthy foods you love (without counting calories, restricting yourself, or going hungry!). 
You’ll be part of a sisterhood - an amazing support network that helps you keep going, get back on the wagon if you've fallen off, and is inclusive for women of all walks of life!

We are all working on becoming healthier and more fit so you'll have the accountability to keep you on your game and the support you need when you need it most. 

You don't have to go it alone!
Girlfriend, I can promise you this...
No matter where you are on your fitness journey - you’re just starting out or you’re looking to get away from the gym, you’ll be able to keep up with the fast, fun, effective workouts, and as long as you show up and do the 20-minute workouts, four days a week, you’ll see results! 
  • ​Feeling EXCITED to go clothes shopping or try on a bathing suit!
  • Having energy to keep up with your kids, your job, your life without feeling like you’re going to crash with exhaustion!
  • ​Finding time to care for yourself and see to your own needs!
  • ​Knowing you’re looking fit and fantastic!
  • ​Feeling confident and proud of what you’ve done and the results you’ve gotten!
  • ​Discovering FIERCE FAITH in yourself that you’ve never had before! 
  • Finding your sisterhood and getting the support, love, and maybe even the swift kick in the tail you need when you’re feeling stuck or ready to give up!
Fit and Fierce is for you if you are...
  • ​Ready to make some changes in your life!
  • ​Dreaming of becoming your best self! 
  • ​Excited to tap into that fierce faith
  • ​Done putting yourself last
  • ​Wanting to discover how strong you really are - mentally, spiritually, and emotionally
  • Tired of making excuses
  • ​Not going to let being busy stand in the way of better health and a better life
  • ​Ready to push yourself to see what goals you can meet!
  • ​Excited to be start making progress toward getting fit and feeling fantastic!
  • ​Ready to step into your role as a confident woman of strength
  • ​Want to see yourself beyond being a wife, a mom, or an employee
  • ​Excited to be a part of an incredible community of brilliant, driven women who support and motivate one another 
But not every woman is ready to Be Fit and Fierce! 
If you…
  • ​Don’t want to put in the effort…
  • ​Are looking for an overnight fix…
  • ​Are happy with the way you are…
  • ​Are happy with the way you are…
  • ​Think you can get fit all on your own ...
  • ​Don’t want to make make small changes that get HUGE results…
Start right now and make the choice to take charge of your life!
Ready to join us in the trenches as we shake, move, and sweat our way to being Fit, Fierce, and Unstoppable?
Join for just $49/month*!
Ready to commit to a year of Fitness and Fierceness?
Get your one-year membership for just $399!
SPECIAL: Get 8 Weeks of Summer Power $75
Ready to get moving with our included YOGA series and LITE version, complete with modifications for every woman and lifestyle?
(No obligations, cancel anytime, 100% risk free)
Frequently Asked Questions
Am I guaranteed results?
I can assure you that if you show up, do the work, follow the guides, and engage with the community, you’ll see incredible results that will go beyond your expectations! Be Fit and Fierce works when you do!
I think I can do this on my own - why do I need Fit & Fierce?
How long have you been working to get results on your own? Having accountability and support is crucial to sticking to the program, staying motivated, and keeping on track. It’s so much easier having a committed group of women who have your back and want you to succeed!
Do I need a Gym Membership?
Nope! For our foundational level, all you need is your own body! To progress through all levels of the program, just a set of 5-10# weights and some resistance bands. That’s why I made Be Fit & Fierce - so you don’t need the gym. You can do these any time!
Can any fitness level get started?
YES!! Whether you are just getting started or looking for ways to kick your fitness up a notch..this is for you!! We've included our YOGA series, LITE and our full versions to help ladies get started who are over 40 (or 50 or 60), have over 20lbs. to lose, or who are reentering the fitness world after years spent away from it. 
How do I cancel if I no longer want to continue the monthly membership?
Simply email customer support at and let us know at anytime. Because you get instant access to everything and none of it is returnable, we do not offer a refund policy.
Will You Be the Next Fit & Fierce Success Story?
"This group of women is absolutely amazing. I am stronger, healthier, more confident and happier because of surrounding myself with unstoppable women who are on the same mission."
Kristen, Fit & Fierce Member
Down over 15 pounds and a true testament of what it means to be Fit, Fierce & Unstoppable! Showing up to train hard, pushing through even on days she didn't want to, committing to 80/20 nutrition and CONQUERING LIFE! She fell in love with the mission of becoming stronger, healthier, and confident! Commitment and Perseverance is Certainly Rewarding!
Sarah, Fit & Fierce Member
"Even with bad knees, a full-time job, married with three kids...I still make time for me and workout three-four times a week. I’m eating more clean and drinking a gallon of water a day. I still have bigger goals, but I’m seeing progress (15#'s down) and others are now noticing my weight loss and how I’m losing inches as well. I love that I’m getting stronger. My knees hurt less when I workout! Thanks Jill for kicking my butt and keeping me motivated!” 
Melanie, Fit & Fierce Member
"I love this group of unstoppable ladies! If you’re anything like me, I need the encouragement, friendship and accountability to keep me going!"
Amanda, Fit & Fierce Member
Cindy is in Beast mode - since the start of 2018, she dropped 10 pounds of Fat, Gained .3 Muscle Mass (yes that is a BIG deal when losing weight:) and dropped 5.1% body fat! BAM! 
Cindy, Fit & Fierce Member
Angie decided to carve out TIME for herself and surround herself with other unstoppable women who have the same mission! She is doing it all—wife, mom, working a full schedule—and making sure she rocks out 20 minutes 3/4 times a week so she can be her BEST! Love her journey!
Angie, Fit & Fierce Member
"I am noticing some DEFINITE changes. I feel stronger, more consistent, more confident. I’m enjoying this journey with all you ladies and let’s keep rollin!"
Kellie, Fit & Fierce Member
"This is me following the program that I created! Being a mom of 5 with crazy busy days, I knew there was a way to get results in just 20 minutes a day. Love that we are in this TOGETHER! I am right there with you every step of the way! This sisterhood is the BEST!"
ME, Fit & Fierce Founder
"I have so much energy and I contribute it to strength workouts 3-4 times a week along with eating healthier. I have lost about 30 pounds since I started these workouts with Jill Allen. I simply love these power sessions that are quick 20 minutes and they work!!! I can see that this is a lifestyle program that I can live with. I love not having to drive to a gym to workout. All I need is internet and log in and pick a workout!"
Susie, Fit & Fierce Member
“Ever since joining the Fit and Fierce family, I have felt more determined, more energetic, stronger, and most importantly, not alone! This group has made me stronger not just physically but mentally as well! I am down 36 pounds and still going. Can’t wait see where this journey takes me!”
Amanda, Fit & Fierce Member
"I am so happy that I joined Fit, Fierce, and Unstoppable! In the beginning, I was quite scared! I wondered if my body could handle the weights, the jumping, and Jill’s fast paced workouts. I decided to try it and well, I have never felt better!"
Betsy, Fit & Fierce Member
"I have never stuck with any fitness program for this long. I absolutely love it and all the women who are with me!"
Jen Fisher, Fit & Fierce Member
Together, WE got this!
Ready to get moving with our included YOGA series and LITE version, complete with modifications for every woman and lifestyle?
Join for just $49/month*!
Ready to commit to a year of Fitness and Fierceness?
Get your one-year membership for just $399!
SPECIAL: Get 8 Weeks of Summer Power $75
(No obligations, cancel anytime, 100% risk free)
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