Find Your Fierce Retreat
A 1-day women’s retreat designed to help you discover your fierce, unlock an unstoppable mindset, build unbreakable courage, and completely transform how you show up every single day.
Make a single decision that will completely change your life.
Saturday, November 9th, 2019
There is nothing that you deserve more than to be number one in your life for the first time in years. I know, if you don’t give it your all at home – your family doesn’t thrive as they should and neither do you. When you finally make a decision to prioritize you, I promise that life changes for the better. 
You are capable of anything you set your mind to.
If you’ve been feeling…
  • ​Not good enough
  • ​Overwhelmed
  • ​Stressed
  • ​Burnt Out
  • ​Exhausted
  • ​Alone
  • ​Like giving up
This is for you!
What if you could look in the mirror and find the woman you want to be, instead of looking for her in a magazine?
Focusing on what you want ceases to be an easy thing to do after becoming a mother, because you have priorities other than yourself now. Your children depend on you for everything, food, shelter, clothing, or simply pulling one sibling off the other without losing your sanity. With all of that on your plate, it makes sense that we stop caring for ourselves the way we used to.
This isn’t just about your fitness. 
This is about you gaining your inner peace back. 
It's about you getting your identity back.
You aren’t just a woman anymore, that you’re just a mother, or just a spouse. You’re an individual with your own dreams, hobbies, goals, and needs in life. Don’t just give up on those things because your responsibilities have changed.
If you spend most of your days wishing you could…
  • ​Get back to the sculpted body you once had, or the one you’ve always wanted
  • Give yourself the time and attention you’d give your family
  • ​Provide your children with a better example to follow
  • Create a future version of yourself that you can be proud of
  • ​Remind yourself what you were once capable of
Find Your Fierce is For Busy Mamas, Singles and Women Over 40 too! 
My coaching doesn’t just focus on busy mamas with young kiddos. If your kids have long since grown up and moved out, that doesn’t mean you should stop being fierce! 

Or maybe – you’re just a busy lady with a ton of nieces and nephews, but no little ones 
(I can help you too!) 

Remember when you could prioritize your meal for the morning and your fitness routine over the rest of your to-do list? 

Well, welcome back to that world!
Now you can…
  • ​Gain more control over your schedule. Learn how to make your day WIDE OPEN to do whatever you want!
  • Take action without fear or hesitation. In the past you might have worried about how your actions would affect everyone or everything else. Whatever that big dream you’ve always had is, stop neglecting it and learn how to do it!
  • Make it happen without any guilt. You’ve gotten used to being the backbone of everyone’s world, so it's hard to change those habits. I’ll show you how to do it!
This gathering of Fit and Fierce women can help you get all of it. I want you to find out what I already know, that all the things you want out of life are within reach. Why shouldn’t you have them?
Girlfriend, let me tell you - I am here to help you. 
I want to give you an opportunity to change everything.
I am here to help you. I’m Jill Allen, and I am here to make sure that you can live your best life, discovering how to be fiercely fit and have fierce faith. I am a wife to Rob for the past 19 years, a mom to 5 awesome kids, owner of multiple successful businesses, and I truly love to help other driven women realize they too can have all those things without driving yourself crazy trying to achieve it.

It took me a LONG time to reach my own fierce, and honestly, some days I still have to reach deep to find it. I spent years wearing myself thin and burning myself out, all in the name of “having it all.” 

I craved an abundant life - being the rockstar mom, the sexy wife, the success-driven powerhouse, AND loving myself, too. But on this quest, I was FAR from living an abundant life because I was pushing myself SO hard every day to try and have it all. 

I was exhausted, overwhelmed and breaking down from the stress of working 90 hour weeks while still trying to be the perfect wife and mom. Quality time was non-existent, and forget self-care. If I did take a few minutes for myself, I felt guilty and selfish. 

That constant weight on my shoulders wasn’t making me strong, it was wearing me down. I didn’t have faith in myself that I could keep up, and I realized that time was slipping by and my joy was slipping away with it. 

My first step was to take care of myself. Can’t pour from an empty cup, right? Working out a few times a week, pushing myself, seeing the changes helped me find my faith in myself and prove to myself that I’m STRONG. Not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and in my heart!

Every woman has the power to be the best version of herself, and in order to discover it, she has to have that fierce faith in who she is
This is a one time chance for you to put your entire focus into becoming Fierce

All I need is your commitment, a promise to stick with me and lean on the other women when you need support. Whenever you’re feeling defeated, know that you have a tribe of women who are just as fierce, but just as tired and stressed out as you are. We are all connected, and we all share experiences that others might not quite understand. 
You’ve tried finding your fierce before, I totally get it. 

This time will be different.
In 1 day, I’ll coach you through:
  • ​Finding Your Fierce
  • ​Building a Fierce Mindset
  • ​Breaking Through Overwhelm
  • ​Defining Fierce on Your Terms
  • ​Becoming Unstoppable
Here’s how I’ll do it:

7:30 AM
 Early Check In

8 AM 
A Bonus Morning Hike at Old Man's Cave

9:30 AM 
Check In, Swag Bag Pick-Up & Muffins

10 AM 
Morning Session 
(Your Mission, Goals, Mindset Breakthroughs, Nutrition & Fitness Game-Plans) 

1 PM 
A Healthy Catered Lunch

2 PM 
Afternoon Session 
(Living a Life of Purpose & Meaning & Overcoming)

3 PM 
Guest Speaker Nicki Koziarz 
Best Selling Author 
5 Habits of Women Who Don’t Quit

4 PM 
Fit & Fierce Bonus Workout

5 PM
Happy Hour 
Relax with a Glass of Wine 
(cash bar)

*schedule subject to change as I finalize the retreat 

Bonus: Join me for an excursion group hike in the beauty of nature! 

Bonus: A Fierce Swag Bag

Bonus: Enjoy a healthy catered lunch while connecting with amazing fierce women.

Bonus: I’ll coach you through a Fit & Fierce workout –– it's only 20 minutes, but it's enough to make you sweat. 

Bonus: You will walk away with your mojo back!
Just Added Bonus: Meet Our Yoga Instructor
Kelli Kelly
Kelli Kelly, 500 hr RYT, is an experienced yoga and fitness instructor, coming to us with almost 20 years of experience! Her love of fitness is obvious as she holds several fitness certifications as well as her personal training certification from ACE. She focuses on the total health, body alignment, nutrition, and well-being of all her clients.

Kelli is passionate about sharing her love of yoga, teaching with a positive, authentic, and creative approach, keeping her classes dynamic, energetic, and fun! Her enthusiasm has introduced yoga to several area athletic clubs, community centers, and corporate wellness facilities, teaching the beginner student to advanced yogi.

Kelli enjoys teaching all types of yoga classes but calls vinyasa (flow) yoga as her favorite style! She continues to teach group fitness classes, and teaches and practices several styles of yoga.

When not teaching, Kelli moonlights as a part-time dental hygienist with the City of Columbus' community based Dental Sealant Program. She is the mom of two amazing grown children and resides in Canal Winchester with her husband Scott, and dog Buoy. Kelli is an avid runner, yogi, traveler, social bug and a life-long advocate of good health!
Opportunity is calling, so pick up!
We only get so many chances in life to go for the gold, what if this is your chance? Are you going to stop letting fear control your emotions and choices? Where are you going to take those shots, this one moment, and create a stronger sense of self? We are all afraid to fail, but by attempting to avoid failure we also cheat ourselves out of the possibility of succeeding.
You can do this, I want to see you there with us!
Find Your Fierce Retreat
Escape the busy on a picturesque 65 acre property in the heart of the Hocking Hills region. 

Cedar Grove Event Lodge
Hocking Hills State Park

19555 State Route 664 South
Logan, OH 43138

November 9th 2019
8AM-5PM (ish)

Join us and find your fierce!
Early Bird Special - $147.00 (Before November 5th!)
General Admission - $197.00
Once you sign up, be sure to show up!
Assuring a spot for yourself won’t do much if you aren’t there to make it happen. Remember, this whole thing is about you becoming a priority in your own life. Don’t give yourself any reasons to make up an excuse! Find someone to babysit, wear a good pair of shoes, and go to bed early the night before. 
80 percent of life is just showing up.
Hold yourself accountable and you can get through anything.
Showing up has its rewards as well, and this includes a full day retreat in a cozy lodge with like-minded women. Create relationships here and ease your worried mind through physical activity and an inspiring guest speaker. Use this time to enjoy the lodge and reflect for the day - you’ve earned this.

Come join us, so that you can take back the reins and be the woman you know that you can be. Even if you decide to forego the hiking portion, I’ll be coaching you through mindset classes and helping you to Find Your Fierce. 
You’ve got to start somewhere, why not here?
I started coaching because I’ve been there, I needed that inspiration and that support to get me through a lot of tough days when I wasn’t motivated, when I just wanted to stay in bed. It took all the strength and dedication I had to get here today, and if I can help just one person realize their potential, then I’ve done my job.
My mission is to inspire others the way Nicki inspired me.
Meet our Guest Expert Speaker
Nicki Koziarz
I considered keeping this a surprise for my Fit and Fierce friends, but I am introducing a guest speaker during this hike. Nicki Koziarz is both a mentor and an inspiration for me as a coach and a mother. As a public speaker for Proverbs 31 Ministries, she is also a best-selling author of 3 incredible books, one of them titled “5 Habits of Women Who Don’t Quit.

This is what I want for you, I want to give you the strength and wisdom to understand you can achieve whatever you want in life. 
Are you asking the right questions?
When you see another woman who seemingly has it all, do you tell yourself “that will never be me,” or do you ask “how did she get there?” It's tempting to believe that you can’t do it, that finding inner peace and personal satisfaction isn’t possible, but that all depends on your mindset. You know you’ve got a support system now, and a great opportunity, but no one can force you to make a change.

While you’re at this retreat be honest with yourself, which of these two people do you think you are? Do you support yourself, or have you stopped believing that anything is possible?
If you have given up, that should be all the reason you need to create a new life by starting here.
You know what to expect when you get there, and while the hike is optional, I highly recommend it as a way to clear your mind. Stop making negative comparisons between your life and other moms. Start taking action and holding yourself accountable. Make a choice right now to change your perspective and start asking the right questions.
You don’t need to become a Fit and Fierce woman, because you already are one. Let me help you channel that part of who you are inside.
This amazing retreat is happening once, so take advantage of it, immerse yourself in it, and allow it to change the state of your spiritual, mental, and physical health for the better. It's time to make you a priority again, it's time to look to the future with hope, positivity, and confidence that it will be a bright one.

I know you have what it takes, I know that you wouldn’t have read this far if you weren’t dedicated to putting in the blood, sweat and tears that it takes to make a true change in your life. Things will be tough sometimes, and on many occasions circumstances get worse before they get better. They will get better though, just keep pushing forward and don’t give in to the hard days.
Join us and find your fierce!
Early Bird Special - $147.00 (Before November 5th!)
General Admission - $197.00
I sincerely hope that I see your face at this incredible retreat.
I want you to make connections, and walk away with a better sense of who you are and what you want out of life. Get a healthy body, get your career on the path to success, and get your life back on track. You are fit, you are FIERCE!
I can’t wait to see you there,
Jill Allen
From our Fit & Fierce ladies...
"I am not sure how I can capture the empowering and AH-MAZING moments of our time in Sedona. Thank you Jill Allen for encouraging and inspiring women each day on their physical, mental, and spiritual journey! We are all better because of you!"
"This retreat gave me a time of reflection, present energy, blessings from like minded ladies, relaxed with peace and radiant Joy!"
"The retreat was so empowering. Loved every part of it even when I was completely out of my comfort zone. 😉 Wonderful group amazing women. Absolutely loved it!"
"I love this group of unstoppable ladies! If you’re anything like me, I need the encouragement, friendship and accountability to keep me going!"
Angie decided to carve out TIME for herself and surround herself with other unstoppable women who have the same mission! She is doing it all—wife, mom, working a full schedule—and making sure she rocks out her best life! Love her journey!
"I am noticing some DEFINITE changes. I feel stronger, more consistent, more confident. I’m enjoying this journey with all you ladies and let’s keep rollin!"
“Ever since joining the Fit and Fierce family, I have felt more determined, more energetic, stronger, and most importantly, not alone! This group has made me stronger not just physically but mentally as well! Can’t wait see where this journey takes me!”
"I am a better wife, mom and teacher because I am now making myself a priority each and every day!"
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